Sweet Corn Ice Cream with Blueberry Balsamic Sauce

Creamy sweet corn ice cream is swirled with our Blueberry Balsamic Sauce for a cool dessert that will knock your socks off. Drizzle extra sauce on top for a flavor combo that bursts with the taste of summertime.


Sweet Corn Ice Cream with Blueberry Balsamic Sauce 1_Paula_Digital Use Only

Sweet Corn Ice Cream with Blueberry Balsamic Sauce

Prep Time: 5.5 hours
Total Time: 5 hours 45 minutes
Servings: 1 quart


6 Egg yolks
1 cup + 2 Tbsp. Granulated sugar – divided
3 cups Whole milk
1 cup Heavy whipping cream
1/4 tsp. Kosher salt
3 ears Fresh sweet corn – kernels removed
1/4 cup Robert Rothschild Blueberry Balsamic Sauce + additional to drizzle


Into your stand mixer bowl add: egg yolks and 1 cup sugar. Using paddle attachment, mix until mixture is light in color and creamy. Into a large heavy bottom sauce pan (or small stock pot) add: milk, cream, salt corn cobs and kernels. Stir to combine. Heat mixture over medium heat and cook until small bubbles appear on sides (do not bring to boil). Remove from heat. Allow to sit for at least 30 minutes. Remove and discard cobs.
Transfer mixture to blender and pulse into well combined. Return mixture to pan.

Gradually add egg mixture to liquid, stirring as you go. Return pan to heat and cook over medium heat until mixture thickens and coats the back of a wooden spoon. Remove from heat. Allow pan to come to room temperature or place over an ice bath to cool it more rapidly. Transfer to refrigerator and chill completely. Churn mixture according to your machine’s manufacturer’s directions. When mixture starts to thicken slowly add in Blueberry Balsamic Sauce.

If you prefer creamy consistency you can enjoy immediately, if you prefer a thicker consistency, transfer ice cream to freezer to chill until it reaches your desired texture. Prior to serving, drizzle with blueberry balsamic sauce.

Recipe created by Paula Jones at, bellalimento.com.

Sweet Corn Ice Cream with Blueberry Balsamic Sauce 2_Paula_Digital Use Only

Sweet Corn Ice Cream with Blueberry Balsamic Sauce 3_Paula_Digital Use Only


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